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Ewa Domaradzka

Ewa Domaradzka

MA in Psychology, a graduate of Warsaw School of Social Sciences majoring in Social Psychology (Social Psychology in English), participant of the PhD program conducted by SWPS and IPPAN, member of the Interdisciplinary Center for Applied Cognitive Studies (ICACS).

Research Interests:

cognitive processes, eye tracking, the use of psychology in practice – particularly marketing, new technologies in research, virtual 3D environments and cognitive and emotional processes taking place in contact with them


Wichary, S., Domaradzka, E., Sędek, G. (2012) Affective and cognitive processes in Integrative reasoning: Implications for aging research, in Eysenck, M., Fajkowska, M., Maruszewski, T. (ed.) Warsaw Lectures in Personality and Social Psychology, vol second New York: Eliot Werner Publications.

Pochwatko, G., Domaradzka, E. (2009) Gra jako złożone zadanie. Skuteczność nieuświadamianego myślenia przy podejmowaniu decyzji ryzykownych, in: Balas, R., Pochwatko, G. Sweklej, J., Godlewska, M. (eds.) Cognitive and affective mechanisms of intuition (pp. 155-165). Warsaw: Polish Academy of Sciences Institute of Psychology Publisher

Giger, JC, Domaradzka, E., Majkowska, A., Pochwatko, G. (2007). Bodźce seksualne w reklamie prasowej a zapamiętanie marki. Marketing i Rynek, 5, 35-38.

Participation in grants:

Leader of the grant Evaluative components of attitudes – development and validation of a new theoretical model based on integrated behavioral, psychophysiological (ECG, EMG, GSR), and eye tracking data. The implementation in 2011-2013.

Contractor in the Grant No. N R11 0016 10 pt. The method of consumer testing of industrial design prototypes using the technology of computer-generated virtual research environments. The implementation in 2010-2012. Grant Manager: Dr. Grzegorz Pochwatko.

Presentations at conferences:

Domaradzka, E. Pochwatko, G. (2009). Efficiency of Unconscious Thinking in risky decision-making. An oral presentation at the conference ESCON2 (European Social Cognition Network), Warsaw

Domaradzka, E., Pochwatko, G. (2008). Heart or Mind? The Deliberation-without-attention effect in Iowa Gambling Task. Speech at the conference 2nd Biennial Symposium on Personality and Social Psychology. Warsaw.

Domaradzka, E., Pochwatko, G. (2008). The Deliberation-without-attention effect in Iowa Gambling Task. Poster presented at the conference 15th General Meeting of the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology. Opatija, Croatia.

Zagórska, A., Domaradzka, E. (2008). Impact of sexual stimuli in advertising on name recall. An oral presentation during the conference “Psychology of Advertising”, Warsaw.

Domaradzka, E., Majkowska, A., Giger, JC, Pochwatko, G. (2006). Nakedness In Advertising – really does nakedness Increase the memorization of brands? An oral presentation during 12th conference of KPA: Homo Automaticus or Homo Sapiens?, Jadwisin.

Domaradzka, E., Majkowska, A., Sutkowski, B. (2006). Nudity in advertising. Is nudity really increases the effectiveness of advertising? An oral presentation during Aktualia, Lublin.

Other achievements and activities:

Scholarship Central European University to participate in summer school Beliefs and Decisions of Minds and Machines, Budapest, 2010

Participation in the conference organizing committee ESCON2 (European Social Cognition Network), Warsaw, 2009

Participation in Summer School Decision Making and Time. Milan, Italy, 2009.

Participation in REMICS (Research Methods in Cognitive Studies: An Interdisciplinary Winter School) – Winter School of interdisciplinary research methods in cognitive studies, Zakopane, 2009.

Member of the Organizing Committee of the conference series Biennial Symposia on Personality and Social Psychology, Warsaw 2008, 2010, 2012