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Laboratory for Advanced Computer Technologies in Psychology based at Institute of Psychology Polish Academy of the Sciences

The Team

VRlab team photo (at spring 2011)

VRlab team was established in autumn 2010 in order to carry out the tasks set for the project “Q3D: Research Prototype,” funded by an  NCBiR grant and implemented at the Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences.

The the team however, was formed earlier in 2008, when:

Dr. Grzegorz Pochwatko,
Dr. Max Bielecki,
Dr. Mateusz Gola
Jan Kaminski,
Maciej Skorko,

formed an informal group with the intention of establishing an R & D laboratory dedicated to  development of tools for combining psychophysiological research methods with the technologies of virtual reality.

Since 2010 the team composition has changed, when Jan Kaminski Resigned, and new members joined:

  • Ewa Domaradzka
  • Andrzej Wiatrow
  • Paweł Dobrowolski
  • Bartosz Sobczyk
  • Krzysztof Hanusz