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Laboratory for Advanced Computer Technologies in Psychology based at Institute of Psychology Polish Academy of the Sciences

Q3D Prototypes research project

A method of industrial design consumer research with the use of computer-generated virtual research environments.


The aim of the project was to construct a virtual city environment in order to test outdoor campaigns

  • simulation of the streets of Warsaw
  • investigation of the Presence phenomenon in virtual environments
  • development of a Polish version of the Presence Questionnaire
  • evaluative conditioning studies

Virtual Test Drive

The aim of the project was to determine the influence of a virtual test drive on attitudes toward automobile brands

  • using computer games as a research tool
  • investigation of the impact of a virtual experience on real attitudes

Emotional expressions of avatar faces

  • physiological and behavioral reactions to avatars’ emotional expressions
  • avatars as social situations actors

Video Game Exposure Effect

  • the impact of aggressive content in video games on gamers and non-gamers
  • behavioral consequences of playing video games
  • impact of video games on cognitive functioning
  • automatization of game events detection
  • integration with psychophysiological data